Designer and Researcher for Spatial Interaction

Lecturer in Department of Communication Design, Faculty of Architecture and Design, Özyeğin University.

Research Areas
Spatial Interaction, Interactive Exhibiting and Storytelling, Information Architecture, Design Education, Innovation in Media Design, Public Spaces, Scenography.

Orhun, S.E. (2015),”An Approach for The Design of Smart Tools and Environments Based on Networked Experiences”, Proc. of 11th International Conference on Intelligent Environments, Prag 13-17 July.

Orhun, S.E. (2015) “Enhancing the Communicative Powers of Exhibitions Through Spatial Experience Supported by the Approaches in Architectural Design”, National Museum Symposium: Museology in Turkey: New Concepts and Practices, 20-22 May2015, Istanbul.

Orhun, S.E. (2015) “Enhancing Spatial Perception in Communication Design Education Based on Space, Time and Place”, INGISGHT 2015: Design Research Symposium, 23-24 Jan 2015, National Institute for Design, Bengaluru, India.

Orhun, S.E. (2014). “A Case Study to Make Use of Cross-channel User Experience for Interactive Exhibition Design”, NODEM 2014: Published in the proceedings of Engaging Spaces: Interpretation, Design and Digital Strategies, 1-3 December 2014, Warsaw, Poland.

“Integrating Architectural Approaches to Interactive Media Design Education To Improve Awareness for Affordance Design”, (under revision).

Co-partner with Faculty of Architecture fro the operation of “Uni(que) Form” Workshop and Exhibition for the 1.International Design Bienal, Yildiz Technical University, September-October 2012.

Co-partner with Hyperwerk for the operation of “Motoco” Workshop in Yildiz Technical University, 16-27 April 2012, for more information visit: //motoco.me.

European Initiative Scenography since 2010.